Get to know our Advisory Board: Meet Ilka Hartmann

The Advisory Board of the Global Female Leaders Summit represents a diverse and global collection of committed supporters and expert advisors. Comprised of industry pioneers and regional representatives, their collective achievements have elevated this summit to the forefront for female thought leaders. They function as your on-site representatives across a range of topics, industries, and regions.

In this article series, we aim to highlight our Advisory Board members. Get to know more about one of our board members, Ilka Hartmann, who is a specialist for national and international economic and governmental relations.

Speaker Ilka Hartmann

Managing Director / Member of the Board | British Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V., Germany

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3 Questions: Dear Ilka…

Please tell us the story of how you joined the advisory board of the Global Female Leaders Summit. What are you most passionate about as a board member?

I had the great privilege to already participate the first GFL summit in Berlin. I had no real idea of what to expect, but I was overwhelmed by what I discovered, learned and the energy I felt being around these great female leaders. When I returned back to my office, I was full of new ideas and power to engage!

I have not missed a summit since and was honored when I was asked to join the advisory board. For me it is a chance to give back what I received over the years in leadership, business and networks.

You mentioned not missing a single summit since the first. What keeps you coming back each year?

Purpose and courage are always fascinating and inspiring. At the GFL we cultivate dialogue with some of today´s best thinkers and share the essence of dialogue with those who believe that we determine the future.

In my view it is essential as a leader to manage your time and ressources, but it is how you use them – there must be a balance between the ordinary daily job, fostering your network which is the most important tool for success and to give back what you received. Engage with others, be a mentor and stay open minded an interested in everything that can make a change and a better future. The inspiration and the learning that I take away from every summit are a big gift. Listening to global leaders in so many different sectors and businesses helps me to change perspectives on my own doing, look at things from another angle or even look ahead what might be coming. Get prepared for the transformation in the future and be a designer not someone who can only react!

How do you plan to encourage more global female leaders to join the GFL summit?

I have a dream, that there will be even more international global female leaders joining the summit – as speaker or participants. This way we can create a global network of great female talents, learn from the best thinkers, get inspired and be courageous and determine the future. I am more than willing to dedicate my time for this goal and hope there are many others that will join me. Use your voice to spread the word – invite others to engage, too.

You will meet Ilka and all advisory board members at the lobal Female Leaders Summit 2nd-4th June 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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