How to Engage Companies to Focus on Sustainability

Review 2018: Climate & Energy Challenges, Leadership and Responsible Finance

The most powerful women in the world tell their stories in leadership. The young generation is pushing climate and energy solutions and new concepts like responsible finance. These trends have been discussed at the Global Female Leaders 2018. A review about great leadership stories, climate and energy challenges and the future of mobility.

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Reflections on a New Political Order and Emerging Technologies

At the Global Female Leaders 2018 over 250 top-level executives gathered in the German capital in order to discuss four core topics. This second part of the review is about the two themes climate & energy challenges and leadership & responsible finance.

Key Topics Climate Challenges, Energy Solutions & the Future of Mobility

  • Future Mobility as a Challenge for Society and Engineers
  • Tourism & Climate Change: Eight Steps to Become a Responsible Company
  • Executive Panel Discussion: Leading Businesses in the Intersection of Profit, Purpose and Global Impact
  • Executive Panel Discussion: Energy Solutions and the Future of Mobility in a Smart and Connected World

Key Topics Corporate Leadership & Responsible Finance

  • The Search for Meaning in the Age of Disruption
  • Leading in Times of Digital Transformation
  • Delivering Resilient and Authentic Leadership that Fosters Innovation Culture and Organisational Performance
  • Sustainability is an Opportunity – Not a Constraint!
  • Leadership in Corporate Compliance
  • Who are the Leaders of Tomorrow and How to Prepare them Today
  • Leadership and Values in Times of Transformational Change
  • Expert Talk: How Disruptive Technologies Like Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will Shape the Future of Finance and Impact the World

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