Review Global Female Leaders 2017

Global Uncertainty, Robotics and the Future of Work

In the exclusive interview with Martina Macpherson, speaker at the Global Female Leaders 2018, we are celebrating women's achievements but also discussing past developments and key equality issues. How do you achieve constant positive performance with gender diverse teams? And most importantly, how will the female workforce change in future?

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Global Female Leaders 2017: A Thorough Look Back

To sum up this great event in a single blogpost would be nearly impossible. The whitepaper addresses five core topics: Economic Challenges, Big Data, AI & Cyber Security, Future of Work, Smart Cities & Mobility and Life Science. Learn how to successfully navigating the digital world!

Key Topics of this Review

Partners Insights

Global Uncertainty & Economic Challenges

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security

Digital Leadership & Future of Word

Smart Cities & Mobility

Life Science & the Society of Tomorrow

Marketing Insights

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