Speaker Astrid Lindner

Astrid Linder

Research Director of Traffic Safety | The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden

Astrid Linder is Professor of Traffic Safety at Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI, and an Adjunct Professor of Injury Prevention at Chalmers University and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University Accident Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia. She received her PhD in traffic safety from Chalmers from where she also has a MSc in Engineering Physics. Traffic safety, models of the human in crash testing, injury prevention and crash related countermeasures are main fields of her research in which she has extensively published and presented around the world.

Prof Linder coordinated the EU-funded project ADSEAT where the world’s first virtual dummy model of an average female for rear impact, EvaRID, was developed. She also coordinated the EU-funded project VIRTUAL in which the world’s first physical dummy model based on the average female, the Seat Evaluation Tool (SET 50F), was developed.

She has been appointed “Equality Star of the year” by the Swedish Network for Equality in the Transport Sector (2020), presented with the US Government Safety Engineering Excellence (2015), the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations Håkan Frisinger awards (2015),  the EU Champions of Transport Research Road (2014) and the EU Champions of Transport Research Overall Winner Transport (2014).

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