Speaker Beth Rudden

Beth Rudden

CEO & Chairwoman | Bast.ai, USA

Beth is a proven market maker and global executive leader with more than 20 years of IT leadership and cognitive science experience. Previously, in her roles as Distinguished Engineer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Data Scientist, and Global Talent Transformation Leader, Beth drove digital transformation for IBM’s clients through the design and delivery of trusted AI systems. She made innovation with analytics & AI into a 2B$ business and intends to show the world that every human can grow their own AI.

In 2022 Beth started her corporation, Bast.ai, which creates software that allows everyone to build their own Conversational AI Technology (CAT). Working in the intersection of education and healthcare, combining semantics and statistics, she believes every human should have an AI protector and companion.

She has a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Denver and a Classics Degree from Florida State. She is an inspiring keynote speaker, holds over 30 Patents, and has authored many more publications. She lives in Colorado and is a storyteller, a wife of a soldier, a mother, a sponsor, and a board advisor for several Science & Technology organizations. In addition, she serves on the Board of Trustees for Maryville University.

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