Speaker Atai Golineh

Golineh Atai

Journalist, Foreign Correspondent | ZDF Cairo Office, Egypt

Golineh Atai is bureau chief of ZDF German TV´s Middle East Office in Cairo. Her coverage area spans the MENA region – from Libya, Syria and Iraq to the Gulf monarchies. She studied Roman Languages, Political Sciences and Iranian Studies, and has been positioned as a TV correspondent in the Middle East as well as in Russia and Ukraine, where she covered the Maidan uprising and Crimea´s annexation. Atai has been awarded for her news coverage and her focus on Russia´s disinformation war. As an expert for Iran´s civil society and author of the book “Iran – Freedom is female” she has been a frequent guest in TV and radio shows. Her book provides insight into the lives of Iranian women who have been fighting for their personal rights, chronicling over 40 years of regime control of Iranian society through control of the feminine body.

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