Speaker Noémie Storbeck

Noémie Storbeck

Co-CEO | EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, Switzerland

Noémie Storbeck is a strategic and innovative achiever with a strong belief in fairness and an active advocate for gender equality in the workplace. She has a background in communication and marketing, with an experience of more than 10 years in international PR for luxury brands in international Groups. She joined the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation as COO in 2018, managing all operational aspects of the not-for-profit organization advocating for equal pay and equal opportunities through a practical certification tool. She is now the co-CEO & CISO of this institution since 2021. Besides her deep understanding of equal pay, Noémie Storbeck is an expert in project management, data protection/GDPR, and public relations. As a problem-solving and creative leader, she likes to spread the word for more equality. Besides her top-sharing position, she is a mother of 2 girls, an active team player and a volunteer board member in several sports associations.

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