Rasha Oudeh

CEO | CEDEM AG, Switzerland

Rasha Oudeh is an experienced Jordanian Entrepreneur with 18 years of diverse managerial experiences at various positions from CEO, Managing Director to Executive. She has profound technical educational background in Information technology, graduated in 1999 from a community College in Amman. When the computers were newly introduced in Jordan, Oudeh seized the opportunity to work as a part time Microsoft Office instructor to new trainees.

In 2007, an Iraqi businessman in the local pharmaceutical industry offered her an employment opportunity. It took Oudeh no time to build a very professional self-image. Germany and Switzerland were the first countries she chose to explore professionally. There is an absolute preference for these countries’ pharmaceutical products in the Middle East.

The end of 2007 in the city of Saarbrucken, Germany she found a German partner with whom she started a company called MED-PRODUCTS GmbH which was working as brokerage company between Europe & Middle East. Later the company was moved to Frankfurt in 2011.

Later, Oudeh grew more familiar with the concept of private label and decided to apply it in the Middle East. In 2012 in Switzerland, she launched MERA PHARMA GmbH that has succeeded in targeting Arabian markets with the Swiss-German brand labelling business model.

In 2015, Oudeh bought CEDEM AG in Zurich, a Swiss company established in 1991 that specialises in manufacturing and distributing healthcare products. The company vision to become the leading private label service supplier to the Middle East, and the first choice for Arab wholesale and retail chains that seek to manufacture products under their own brand labels.

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