Speaker Anastasia Kalinina

Anastasia Kalinina

Co-founder and CEO | reState Foundation, Switzerland

reState Foundation  is a Swiss-based non-profit foundation aiming to reimagine the future of governance and global collaboration.
Previously, Anastasia was a Head of Regional Agenda at the World Economic Forum and Senior Advisor on Partnerships to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. She was also a member of the Founding Team the Global ShapersCommunity. Anastasia regularly writes for various international outlets, including the Independent, the New Atlanticist, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society’s blog, etc. Anastasia is an Apolitical Academy Fellow, John Smith Fellow, an honorary member of the International Project Management Association, member of international trade professionals network NASBITE, and a Global Leadership Fellow of the World Economic Forum. Anastasia Kalinina’s areas of expertise and interest include public governance, conscious leadership, social innovation, civic tech, policy, and global affairs.

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Anastasia Kalinina | reState Foundation, Switzerland
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