Speaker Els van der Helm

Els van der Helm

Neuroscientist and Adjunct Professor | IE Business School, Spain

Dr. Els van der Helm is a sleep neuroscientist, adjunct professor at IE Business School and advises corporations about sleep, performance, and wellbeing. She supports CEOs and decision-makers worldwide to help them get the best out of themselves, their team members, and their organization.

Els hosts keynotes, workshops, and Sleep, Well-being & Performance programs, in combination with science-based assessments.

Els began her career in sleep during her Masters in Neurosciences (VU Amsterdam) and studied the effect of sleep on cognitive performance at Harvard Medical School. She also holds a summa cum laude Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology (University of Amsterdam). She then studied the effect of sleep on the brain and performance as a Fulbright scholar during her Ph.D. in Psychology at UC Berkeley before working at McKinsey as a management consultant.

Her work has been featured in HBR, the McKinsey Quarterly, the WSJ, TIME, Forbes, the BBC, and many others.

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Els van der Helm | IE Business School, Spain
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