Lindsay Azpitarte

VP New Brand Development, Founder Ulé | Shiseido, France

Ulé is the vision of long-time beauty industry expert, Lindsay Azpitarte. After more than 20 years in the industry, where she was responsible for all of the Shiseido Group's prestige skincare brands in Europe, she was inspired to create a skincare brand that aligned with her values, and the values of the emerging beauty consumer. She shared their passion for products that took a more conscious approach to nature while still delivering high-performance results beyond our expectations.

It was essential that the creation of her vision follow an intrapreneurial path while leaning on the Shiseido Group for their extensive knowledge on R&D and product performance. After persistently and passionately pitching her concept to the CEO of the Shiseido Group, who positively challenged her and resonated with her pursuit of continuous innovation in the industry, she was finally given the green light to make her vision a reality. Lindsay assembled a team of cosmetic experts and forward-thinking innovators who shared her desire to move beauty positively forward. The team included an ethnobotanist, a nutritionist, and specialists in beauty innovation and product formulations.

Ulé officially launched in the Spring of 2022 and continues to inspire a new vision of beauty focused on innovation and performance while fulfilling the needs of the more conscious consumer.

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Lindsay Azpitarte | Shiseido, France
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