Ritu Sadana

Ritu Sadana

Head, Economics and Health | World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland

Ritu Sadana is Head of the World Health Organization efforts supporting the Council on the Economics of Health for All and countries that are committed to align economic, social and health goals, at WHO headquarters in Geneva. Her work promotes increasing equity in opportunities for people around the world, which requires a whole of society approach. Over the last three years her work has influenced the negotiation of a new global policy on the interlinkages between economics and health expected in 2024. Her previous global policy work culminated in the adoption of a UN Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030.  She has worked in national, regional and global contexts, holds a doctorate from Harvard University, and is author of more than 200 scientific and policy publications.

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Ritu Sadana | World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland
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