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Europe, Asia and back to California: Business travel is second nature to Denise Ruffner. The Covid 19 pandemic has made her rethink her approach. Read what she will do differently.

Typically, I travel full time for business, circling the globe once a month. I start in Europe, continue on to Asia and finally, return home to Southern California. My normal conscientious outlook extends to my business travel: When traveling, I feel a great responsibility to work hard and make the most out of every day. Each day is filled with appointments and meetings. I allow myself one hour, per week, as a break to do something fun.

Speaker Denise Ruffner

Chief Business Officer | Atom Computing, USA

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This past year, while at home during the pandemic, I pondered my past business trips. I researched some of my favorite places to travel and realized that while I enjoyed being in a foreign city, I never took the time to experience it. I was so caught up in working that I had missed out learning about the city and experiencing its unique features.

Now that I am starting to think about business travel again, I realize that I can be diligent and maximize my work time in each city, yet also take time to experience something new. One hour a week of free time is simply not enough.

I need to give myself permission to experience each foreign city by trying new things.

Denise Ruffner, VP Worldwide Business Development, IonQ Inc., USA


Being deprived of travel has made me realize just how much I loved it – and how I need to change how I’ve been doing it. I need to spend more time in the moment, enjoying the culture and the environment rather than only worrying about the next meeting or deadline. I would like to come home with more stories and experiences.

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