Speaker Joanna Bensz

Joanna Bensz

CEO | Longevity Center, Poland and Switzerland

As co-founder of the Longevity Center, Joanna Bensz is a leading figure in the creation of innovative healthcare solutions for longevity in Europe. Joanna is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience in leadership roles at multinational and Fortune 500 companies in Europe. Her passion for healthcare, human potential, wellness, and performance led her to establishing the first Longevity Centre in 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. Together with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging Joanna pioneered the visionary concept that led to the inception of the 1st International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics in California 2023, a forum for the world’s leading longevity clinics to discuss trends, diagnostics, and interventions in the field. The Longevity Centre specializes in personalized interventions using advanced diagnostics, epigenetics, and biomarkers of biological age.

Joanna is also the co-founder of the International Institute of Longevity and the chairwoman of the Longevity Vaduz Roundtable. Through these positions, she works with international experts in the field of age sciences, health prevention, and longevity economics to promote the sector.

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Day Two

Health is Wealth – Megatrend Longevity, its Challenges and Opportunities for Work

Executive Panel Discussion | Moderated by Nina Ruge

Nina Ruge | Journalist, Author & Content Creator for Healthy Longevity, Germany
Karoline Schmid | United Nations, USA
M. Carolina Florian | Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research, (IDIBELL) Spain
Joanna Bensz | Longevity Center, Poland and Switzerland
Pia Vornholt | Novo Nordisk, Region Germany
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