Speaker Katharina Roehrig

Katharina Roehrig

Managing Director | Melitta Group, Germany

Katharina Roehrig has been successfully responsible for corporate communications and sustainability at the Melitta Group for almost ten years as Managing Director. After stations at exciting companies such as Wella, bultaup and Roeckl, she joined the Melitta Group in 2014 as Head of Corporate Communications and Brand Management. Since 2016, she has also been responsible for Sustainability and has inextricably linked the brand to the company’s ambitious sustainability transformation. She integrates sustainability into all business strategies with innovative solutions and thus not only contributes to social and environmental responsibility, but also has a significant impact on the holistic development of the company. In addition to her work at the Melitta Group, Katharina is an active board member at goodcarbon and the Near and Middle East Association and a regular speaker at the Lichtenstein Academy Foundation. Katharina holds a master’s degree in politics, Economics & Law from the University of Heidelberg.

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Katharina Roehrig | Melitta Group, Germany
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