Why it is Important to Make a Difference to Education and Learning Space

Darya Yegorina: Why it is Important to Make a Difference to Education and Learning Space

Education is one of the most important factor which shapes the personality. The fourth industrial revolution is influencing the way children are taught. Darya Yegorina is writing about this development in her article where she focuses on augmented reality and the new way of learning.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Darya Yegorina is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CleverBooks and other ventures in multiple industries. Darya’s current focus is on emerging technologies for education where she has the mission to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world and to create equal access to technology for kids globally. It is also important for Darya to help other women with motivation to express themselves in business and technology leading by her own example, sharing her own experience and story. Darya is called Innovator by Irish Times, Irish Tech News and Examiner in 2017, she was selected as one of young Irish best entrepreneurs in 2016.

Education of years ago and today

Darya’s current focus is emerging technologies for education and this is for a number of reasons. She strongly believes that education is the most powerful tool that shapes the future of all the kids. Education that is empowered by the most innovative technologies enhances the power of the educator and helps kids to gain the knowledge and skills that will create their future. Even if we disagree right now that our school years have made us the way we are, the fact still remains there. You were unhappy with the level of education you had? With a teacher or your school books? This made you the personality you are today.

Tagungsraum mit TeilnehmernToday it is even more challenging to motivate schoolkids with old-fashioned tools and books because they are exposed to enormous possibilities that change our lives rapidly thanks to industrial revolution. Technology has disrupted business landscape. Businesses are driven by consumers and digital transformation. Innovation has occupied our day-today life although we may not notice that and this is due to the fact that we find things like cloud mailbox, mobile phone and virtual world as something common. Those things were not there a decade ago.

Importance in the future

Looking on the way the world changes, it is important today even more than it was several decades ago to help kids in getting important knowledge and skills that will help them to differentiate themselves in the future and find their place in the future. Education remains the most important weapon of all times and educators have the power of helping kids to get the knowledge to adapt, change or disrupt the world we live in in the future. In order to cope with that mission, we all need to adopt life learning skills, be curious about innovation and technology that drives our lives. Education can transform a nation and it is the hands of teachers to transform the education, it is the hands of businesses in EdTech and educators to collaborate for the meaningful change.

How to make the change?

To make a change and a difference is a massive effort. It starts, however, with every person that is involved. With all the efforts we currently undertake: meeting and talking to people in education and business, creating educational and informational podcasts and video interviews with thought leaders and educators around the world to share experience and create information flow, offering free CPD courses for teachers about emerging tools and technologies and providing curriculum-based solutions with augmented reality, we are aiming, as a company, to bring the education to the level of digital age. Enterprises are in the digital age during industry revolution 4.0 where about education sector still remains in the analogue age.

In Darya’s current role she focuses on disrupting the education sector with technology in order to get our kids ready for the uncertain future that industry revolution 4.0 has for them in store. What are you doing to help kids in adopting to the technology-based future?

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