Whitepaper 2018: How to Engage Companies to Focus on Sustainability

Whitepaper 2018: How to Engage Companies to Focus on Sustainability

In the first part of the whitepaper, we already talked about the two topics transformational technologies and ethics and the global economic outlook.

It appears that the focus should be inward looking for years to come. As global leaders you should put quality time into finding your purpose, align your roles, goals and even tasks with your values and personality. Leadership is recognised to be a holistic quality that cannot be separate from a person in private and professional life anymore. Thus, it needs to be developed in a holistic manner as well.

At the Global Female Leaders 2018 over 250 top-level executives gathered in the German capital in order to discuss four core topics. This review is about the last two themes:


Corporate Leadership & Responsible Finance


Climate Challenges, Energy Solutions & the Future of Mobility

On the first theme, speaker Maidie Arkutu emphasised on how valuable it is to put time and effort in self-reflection and heightening awareness of ourselves, recommending various methods like coaching and purpose workshops. The presentation of Rasha Oudeh crowned it with a personal and emotional story of her pathways to leadership where she stressed on the crucial role of the right mindset.

Sustainability is part of brand building, especially in today’s world where more employees voice their preference for socially and environmentally responsible companies. Christian Ulbrich has the opinion that sustainability should be also incorporated in internal life of the organisation.

“Sustainability goes beyond big ideas.”

The afternoon of day two was highlighted by a highly skilled panelists discussion about energy solutions, mobility of the future and the reversal of climate change. The panel covered a wide array of topics from renewable only countries, zero emission engines, to mobility as a hot area of investment to also examples of smart cities in China.

Get great insights on the two topics and read more of the key takeaways in our Whitepaper part 2! If you have not read part 1 yet, please click here.

Review Global Female Leaders 2018: Engage Companies to Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is part of brand building, especially in today’s world where more employees voice their preferences for socially and environmentally responsible companies. A review about great leadership stories, climate and energy challenges, the future of mobility and emerging technologies.

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