Simmons Lauren

Lauren Simmons

NYSE Equity Trader

Rosenblatt Securities, NYSE, USA

Lauren Simmons, born and raised in Marietta, Georgia always had the drive to move outside of her city and explore the world. On December 13th, 2016 hours after walking across the stage to get her diploma she hopped on a plane to New York. Lauren received a degree in genetics. She decided before receiving her diploma she did not want to pursue a career in genetics. She did know that New York was the place to be. With zero connections, and a unknown career path she didn’t let that stop her from pushing forward. Through three months of endless networking she came across Gordon Charlop who brought her onto the floor and knew within minutes that she was going to be hired. Lauren became the 2nd African-american women in history to be on the trading floor in 226 years. Her path doesn’t stop there and her future is brighter than ever.


Spotlight Session

The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room

Lauren Simmons | Rosenblatt Securities, NYSE, USA


Lauren Simmons: The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room

How does it feel like to be the only woman in the room every single day? Would you fail or prevail? Lauren Simmons is the youngest female full-time stockbroker at the New York Stock Exchange. Her incredible story is what makes her so inspiring for millions of women.