Lauren Simmons

American Stock Trader

the Real "Fearless Girl", USA

Graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a minor in statistics, Simmons originally aspired to go into genetic counseling. She made a decision to put that on hold. What had not changed, however, was her passion to move to New York City, where networking led her to meet Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Rosenblatt Securities. Beyond her many qualifications, it was ultimately Simmons’ confidence that led Rosenblatt to take her under his wing as an Equity Trader.  The job wasn’t completely hers; she still had to pass the series 19. This test has a pass rate of 20% in a class of 10. She studied the book cover to cover for a month straight.and successfully passed on her first try.

Lauren Simmons made history, at 23 years old, the youngest female on the floor and became the second-ever African American woman working as a trader at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 225 years..  Since her story broke, Lauren Simmons has been featured in ABC, CNBC, CNN, and Fox to name a few. Lauren, “Fearless Girl” Simmons has visited several countries sharing her story. Pilitico has named Lauren The Women of Impact 2018.

Lauren, the brand, has been recognized by Hollywood- AGC studio is producing a film based on her life. Lauren is the executive producer on the project and staring Kiersey Clemons will portray her in the movie. Additionally, Lauren received endorsements from Invisilign, Ford Motor Company, Club Pilates and LinkedIn.  Lauren is actively working on her first publication focused on women, and millennials in finance.


Stay fearless and be confident with yourself!

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